My Portfolio

Logo for PetWinter, an online e-commerce store that sold pet products.

Logo for Camzure, A Discord bot developer.

Logo for Cyberbolt, a service that provides management services.

Logo for Halloween Howl, an e-commerce store idea that was dropped.

Logo for Excelium.

Logo for FearMC.

Logo for Akmed, a developer.

Logo for 4ideo, a video creation service.

Logo for Zealous Hosting.

Logo for HellMist Network, a Minecraft network.

Logo for Ultimatum, a Grand Theft Auto V Online gang.

Logo for Iridium Development, a development team mainly focusing on Minecraft plugins.

Logo for Primhosting, a hosting company for game servers and web servers.

Logo for Allure Marketplace, a Discord-based marketplace and advertisement server.

Logo for Lockit, a digital product licensing system.

Logo for Review Rewards.

Logo for Proximity RP, a GTA RP/FiveM server which was closed.

Logo for Mein, a Discord Bot.

Logo for Nebula Core, a Minecraft Spigot Core plugin.

Logo for Team Zontix.

Logo for cryptocurrency niche Instagram and Discord.

Logo for Bozy.

Logo for Illustrious Lounge, a fun, relaxing Discord server.

Logo for Legacy Lake, a site for talking about and trading stocks.

Logo for Onyx, a Discord server advertisement team.

Logo for Ravenous, a YouTube channel.

Logo for DiscussGaming.Net, a gaming forums.

Logo for Hilmary, an online clothing store.